Pharmacy Operations

Pharmacy operations are tasks performed by the staff in the pharmacy. These include receiving orders, registering customers, dispensing prescriptions, and many more.

All Pharmacy operations are gathered in the Pharmacies Role Center, a customizable action center for the pharmacy activities.

The table below describes a sequence of tasks with links to the articles that describe them. These tasks are typical actions that are part of using the Pharmacies functionality. The tasks are listed in the order in which they are generally performed.

To See
Set up Pharmacy Product, Pharmacy Item, Retail Item and see detailed information regarding hierarchy. Pharmacy Product Design
  Subscription Agreements
  Pharmacy Store Management
  Pharmacy Agents
  Prescription Charges
  Vendor Stop Calendar
  Pharmacy Setup


To See
Set up the system and maintain it. Role Centers
Work with customer registrations, create new customers, and edit current ones. Customer Registration
Work with POA (Power of Attorney), set up clients for POA, define delegates, and set up POA for institutions. POA (Power of Attorney)
Create and work with different types of prescription orders. Prescriptions