Pharmacy Product Design

The National Pharmacy Item master can be imported regularly to the system, new items are created, and existing ones are updated. There can, however, be instances where it is necessary to create new items manually.

The pharmacy product hierarchy consists of the following parts in this order:

Pharmacy Product

When a new drug is created in the pharmacy database, the first step is to create a Pharmacy Product, see How to: Create Pharmacy Product for more details.

This is the basis for the hierarchy. It contains information about the product before it is packaged, including information on strength, form, and dose. It shows what Pharmacy Items are available for the Pharmacy Product.

Pharmacy Item

When a Pharmacy Product has been created, the next step is to create the Pharmacy Item. When a Pharmacy Item is created, it is automatically created in Retail Items.

The Pharmacy Item has additional details on pack size, and is linked to the Retail Items that are available for the Pharmacy Item. The Pharmacy Product is also linked to the Pharmacy Item.

Note: If the Pharmacy Item is deleted, the Retail Item that was linked to it, will also be deleted.

Retail Item

Contains price and posting details for the item. 

The following table describes a sequence of tasks with links to the articles that apply when a new drug or item has to be created:

To See
Create a Pharmacy Product. How to: Create Pharmacy Product
Create a Pharmacy Item. How to: Create a Pharmacy Item
Create a Retail Item. How to: Create Retail Item
Create Pharmacy and Pharmacy Product from Retail Item How to: Create Pharmacy Item and Pharmacy Product from Retail Items
Set up Prescription Charge Types How to: Create Prescription Charge Types and Set Them Up