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This is the online help and release notes for LS Central (14.02). As a reference, help and release notes for LS Nav 8-11 and LS Nav/LS Central 13 are also available here.

The online help is divided into sections, two separate sections for LS Retail and LS Hospitality products, one for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and finally two separate sections for release notes and the LS Central Installation Guide. Use the top menus to access these sections.

The online help files are included in the LS Central installation package, so you can set the help up locally, if required.

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Cumulative Updates LS Central/LS Nav 2007-2019, Overview  
Events, LS Central, Overview   Demo Scripts (requires access to LS Portal)
Release Notes LS Central (14.02), printable PDF format   Presentations and Webinars (requires access to LS Portal)
Installation Guide LS Central (14.02), printable PDF format   Training Material (requires access to LS Portal)
Online Help, versions 8-13   More Documentation
Release Notes 2015-2018/19    

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