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Configuring Service Flow for Coursing

How to: Send Comments to the Kitchen

How to: Use KDS Coursing for Your Fine Dining Restaurant

Installing KDS Coursing Commands

KDS Coursing Setup

KDS Coursing Command Setup

KDS Coursing

Setting Up Coursing Tasks

Setting Up Menu Courses

Specifying the Look of Coursing Statuses

The Coursing Overview Panel

LS Commerce Service

Frequently Asked Questions

LS Data Director

Background Service

Configure Web Monitor

How to: Set Up Data Director Push

Job Monitor Collection

Replicate to LS Central in Cloud

Scheduler Log Monitoring Collection


TCPS Configuration Values


Using the Web Monitor With Old Nav Clients

Web Monitor

Web Monitor Functionality

LS eCommerce


Add New Function to LS Commerce Service

Add New LS Central Function

Call "MyCustomFunction" from App Code

Code Samples

Get Image for Item

Get Image Stream for Item

LS Retail Apps

Customer Orders in Mobile Inventory