Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights is a business intelligence solution in LS Central that collects large amount of data from various sources within LS Central, and then periodically runs the data through an analytical calculation functionality and presents the essential business information with data visualization tools. This solution provides insights into the patterns that are inherent to your daily operation in a single place, it informs you proactively about exceptional situations, and lastly the solution enables you to take immediate action.

LS Retail provides the Actionable Insights Base Pack by default, as well as the Analytics reports for Actionable Insights. If needed, LS Retail's partners can also easily build and extend their own KPI packs.

Actionable Insights comes with a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) hierarchy, allowing you to define which KPIs should be monitored. The current status of a KPI is calculated based on rules that define the expected value ranges. The calculated result is called Signal, it holds the value for a specific calculation date. If a Signal is outside the expected value range, an Alert will be created, which describes the expected and the current value. An optional Notification can be raised for an Alert to keep you informed about the exceptional situations, and this information is shown on a Dashboard or Tasklist.

KPIs are defined in a hierarchical manner of four levels:

Hierarchy Level Description
KPI Pack The KPI Pack specifies the highest level of the hierarchy and is used for industry/vertical specific grouping. KPI Packs can be originated from LS Retail but also partners. A KPI Pack has a Calculation Codeunit and a Workflow Codeunit. The Calculation Codeunit is used to initialize the KPI Pack and to calculate the Signals for the KPI. The Workflow Codeunit is used to guide you to the relevant data behind the KPI calculations.

Examples: Actionable Insights Base Pack, Hotels, Pharmacies, LS-Hospitality, and so on.
KPI Family The KPI Family describes the themes in the KPI Pack.

Examples for the Actionable Insights Base Pack: Replenishment, Budgets, and so on.
KPI Group The KPI Group describes groups in the KPI Family.

Examples for Replenishment Family: Journals, Out-of-Stock, and and so on.
KPI The KPI describes the actual measures in the KPI Group.

Examples for Out-of-Stock Group: Current Out-of-Stock Situations, New Out-of-Stock Situations, and so on.

The usage of the various Rules in Actionable Insights:

Rule Description
Calculation Rule To define general settings, calculation frequency, data group, and filtering. It is used to calculate Signals for a specific KPI. A KPI can have more than one Calculation Rule.
Alert Rule To define the condition of when an Alert should be raised for a specific KPI and a Calculation Rule. Alerts are raised if the Signal's values exceed the threshold defined.
Notification Rule To define if a notification should be created for the Alert raised, and who to notify. A Notification Rule is tied to an Alert Rule. Notifications can be sent to users or user groups via email for them to act on.

The following table is a list of Actionable Insights related tasks with links to the articles that describe them.

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