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Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations

A customer order is a way for customers to order an item and collect it at a store of their choice or have the item delivered to their address.

A customer order is also a way for the retailer to sell items that are out of stock in a store but available in another store, in a warehouse, or available to order from vendor.

The customer can order the item(s) from wherever it suits him or her, that is in the store, using eCommerce, or with the Loyalty app.

The The Customer Order Process articles focus on ordering with the Loyalty app or with eCommerce, while the POS Functionality articles focus on ordering directly at the POS. The orders, regardless of how they are created, will be collected or shipped through the same processes.

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Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations

Term Description
CO Customer Order.
CCO Compressed Customer Order. Item Quantity for Inventory Items can be more than one.
Picking The process of picking up the item(s) in the customer order. This is handled by staff in the store.
Collect The process of collecting the customer order after is has been picked and is ready for collecting. Done by the customer.
Put Back The process of returning the item(s) in the customer order, if the item has not been collected by the customer. This is done by the staff in the store.
Receive The process of receiving the item(s) in the customer order that were ordered from Vendor. Done by staff in the store through the Picking panel.
Deposit Deposit a payment to an existing customer order.
CnC Click and Collect.

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