ScanPayGo for LS Central

ScanPayGo for LS Central is a loyalty app that is used by the retailer’s customers to do their shopping. Users can browse the items, look for stores and see their location on a map, see information about offers, their purchase history, and more.

ScanPayGo is developed to work with LS Central, and is intended for retailers to provide the app to their customers. ScanPayGo is available for Android and iOS.

With the ScanPayGo app shoppers can do their own shopping in the store: they can create their own basket as they shop, and use the app to do a quick checkout in the app or at a POS, depending on how the retailer wants to implement the app.

All data for the app are located in LS Central and all data need to be set up there.

The ScanPayGo app connects with LS Central via Commerce Service.

You can install the ScanPayGo demo version on mobile devices from the LS Retail App Center.

Demo data information for ScanPayGo is available on the LS Retail Portal (requires partner access).