ScanPayGo is a loyalty customer app that retailers provide to their customers. Retailers can have the app branded with their logo and their two main colors to represent their business.

With the ScanPayGo app, shoppers can walk around the store and at the same time, while they insert items into their basket, they can scan the item's barcode so it is in their ScanPayGo basket as well. When the shopper has done shopping, he or she can do a quick checkout in the app or at a speedy POS station, all depending on how the retailer wants it done.

Additionally, shoppers can view:

  • The Store's offers
  • Store list with information about location and opening hours
  • Previous purchases
  • Most importantly, shoppers can create their own shopping lists that they can share with family and friends.

The ScanPayGo app is available for Android and iOS operational systems. ScanPayGo connects with LS Central via LS Commerce Service.

ScanPayGo is charged by usage (number of transactions), and invoices are sent on a monthly basis, at the end of the month for the previous month.

BC Environment, LS Central, needs to be activated in License Manager, but ScanPayGo can be used for 30 days without activation. To start activation for ScanPayGo per retailer, partners do need to send a request to LS Retail's License department.