Mobile Inventory 4.x

Mobile Inventory for Android 4.x is a highly adaptable solution where the functionality of the mobile application is controlled by LS Central.

System overview

Minimum system requirements

Once the mobile application has been installed on a device, the application uses the LS Central web service to retrieve and store its configuration locally. Therefore, LS Central must be correctly configured for the mobile application to function properly. For more information see LS Commerce Installation.

System overview

The Mobile Inventory solution consists of the following:

  • Mobile Inventory app- runs on Android devices
  • LSCommerceService - a WCF web service running under IIS 7 and above
  • LS Commerce database
  • LS Central web service.

The LS Commerce Service calls LS Central web services and handles the replication between an LS Central SQL Server and the local datastore on the mobile device.

For more information visit LS Retail eCommerce Software.


Minimum system requirements

The Mobile Inventory solution requires LS Central or, as a minimum, LS Nav, version 9.x.

The solution is available on the following platform:

  • Android – software version 4.1 and above 

The installation requires the following (included in this release):

  • LS Retail Mobile Inventory apk file - installs the Mobile Inventory app on the Android mobile device.