LS Central AppShell

LS Central AppShell is an app to open the LS Central POS.

The LS Central AppShell enables the use of the POS on mobile devices and Windows devices. Connection to peripherals via Bluetooth or WiFi is only supported in Android. LS Hardware Station can be used with all supported platforms.

Supported platforms:

  • Android (connection to peripherals is only available on Android)
  • iOS
  • Windows 10

Note: LS Retail's preferred mobile OS is Android and we do not recommend using iOS. The iOS version is only maintained but is not in development.
The iOS version has no support of connected devices, such as printers and payment devices, as does the Android version.
Some users of the iOS version of AppShell have experienced connectivity issues using the solution.

Browser versions that are used in LS Central AppShell:

  • Android - WebView in Android is based on the Chrome engine.
  • iOS - WebView in iOS is based on Safari.
  • Windows 10 - WebView in Windows is based on the Microsoft Edge rendering engine.

All platforms support authentication and login with:

  • NavUserPassword
  • Domain