Commerce Service for LS Central

The Commerce solution consists of the following:

  • CommerceService: a WCF service running under IIS.
  • Commerce Service SQL Database.
  • Mobile apps, all of which communicate with the IIS.

Commerce Service connects directly to the LS Central Database. No replication is needed to transfer data from the LS Central Database to the Commerce Database. Only COMMERCE_XXXX jobs are needed to prepare some basic data, like prices, discounts, and store hours, for Commerce Service. Commerce Database is only used to cache some data, like user device information, images, and web baskets that will not be stored in LS Central.

If Commerce Service is set to run on a separate database instead of directly on the Main HQ LS Central Database, create a clone of the LS Central Database and use either SQL Replication or a standard Scheduler Job to update the Remote LS Central database. The remote database will be used for Commerce Service to replicate and pull most of the retail data. Commerce Service will still need to connect to the Main HQ Web Services to send in orders, sales, and to look up information about orders, contacts, and other live data.

See Running Commerce Service on a Separate LS Central Database for more information about running Commerce Service on a remote LS Central database.

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