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Pharmacy for LS Central is a complete software solution built on LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. The solution lets you can manage various types of prescriptions, handle drugs effectively, and keep track of the levels of pharmaceutical stock across all stores.

At the same time, you can also handle retail items (including pricing, replenishment, campaigns and promotions, loyalty, and so on), manage appointments and reservations, and finalize sales at the POS. This means pharmacies can use just one software solution to manage all their product sales and bookings, from pharmaceuticals to health to beauty within the same software solution. Thanks to the automations, you can standardize internal processes and increase efficiency.

Pharmacy for LS Central is an international, modular solution that can be used in multiple countries. The system is divided into two main parts, Pharmacy Operations and Office Operations, each focusing on specific parts of the pharmacy business.

Pharmacy Operations include the Pharmacies Role Center, a central functionality in the system. The Role Center makes all key functions that are needed for the daily work readily available to the pharmacy staff. Here, users can, for example, check which orders are open and which ones are ready for pick-up at the POS, and they can print labels for the orders, including dosage instructions, warning texts, and more.

The Office Operations part is designed to manage setup and back office tasks for the pharmacy, for example inventory, sales, costs, revenue management, and complete customer management.

Pharmacy Operations also feature a sophisticated setup of permissions for POS users that can be defined in the back office.


Pharmacy User The user has to be defined as a Pharmacy User to be able to do resolve a prescription.
Pharmacy Customer A person must be defined in the system as a Pharmacy Customer to be able to resolve a prescription. There are four main customer types: 
  • Animal
  • EES
  • Foreign
  • General
Foreign Customer A customer who is not registered in the National Registry. Different rules apply for handling prescriptions for this customer type.
Issuer Is a person (doctor) or an institution that prescribes the prescriptions.
POA Giver Is the Pharmacy Customer that is giving the delegate a power of attorney.
Delegate A person or an institution who can pick up prescribed medicine for another person. Requires a POA (Power of Attorney).
SSN Social Security Number.
Pharmacy Product Is the basis for the pharmacy product hierarchy. Contains information about the product before it is put into a package, about strength, form, and dose, for example.
Pharmacy Item In the pharmacy product hierarchy. Contains additional details about a product's pack size.
Retail Item In the pharmacy product hierarchy. Contains price and posting details for the (pharmacy) item.
Prescription Order When a prescription has to be resolved, a Prescription Order is created for the prescription.
Prescription Order Line A Prescription Order holds Prescription Order Lines. Each line in the Prescription Order represents each prescription.

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