Calculating and Posting Statements

After selling items on the POS and finishing the End-of-Day Declaration or the Tender Declaration, and the Z-Report, if needed, the statements are calculated and posted.

  1. Click the icon, enter Open Statement List, and select the relevant link.
  2. Click the New action.
  3. Select your store.
    Note:  In case there are more stores in use, make sure that the date is correct for the statement and the store.
  4. Click Calculate Statement, confirm the action.
  5. The statements appear on the Open Statement card.
  6. The statements are now ready to be posted. Click the Post Statement action.

You can now find the statements by searching for Posted Statement List.

  • To view a posted statement, select it in the statements list, and click Manage - View on the action menu.

Tip: After posting, you can check the balance: 

  1. Click the icon, enter Store Safe List, and select the relevant link.
  2. Select a safe, and on the General FastTab click the number in the Balance field. The Safe Ledger Entry card opens. The amount there should be the 1500 for the Fixed Float.