Replenishment Implementation Guide

LS Replenishment is a fully integrated module in LS Central, designed to support the purchase department with proposals, what to order for the warehouse(s) and the stores, to avoid out-of-stock situations, and to have the right items at the right place at the right time.

The Replenishment Implementation Guide is a step-by-step description of how to implement Replenishment for new and existing customers. The purpose of the guide is to provide you with tools to run through the analysis phase with a retailer and structure the collected information.

The guide consists of:

  • Workflow for implementation
  • Descriptions, what information is needed from customers
  • Examples, how to structure customers' information
  • Best practices
  • References to the LS Central Help for setup in the application.

Introduction to the guide

The Process navigator

At the top of every page you find the Process navigator. The navigator is a graphical representation of the order in which the process steps should be performed (from left to right). Click any part of the navigator that has not been grayed-out to display more information.

In the diagram some steps have sub-steps.
When you click a step it will expand and show the sub-steps. When you click the step again, it collapses the sub-steps and brings you back to the main step:

Some steps give you different options which represent different setup scenarios or approaches - those are shown as rectangle buttons. Select the option which best fits your requirements:

When you click the step above the rectangles, the navigator returns to that step and collapses the option rectangles.


Every page in the Process navigator is organized in the same way: it starts with a short description of the process step or option, followed by the sections Goal, Key questions / considerations, and Output. Additionally, some pages also have a section called LS Central setup considerations.


This section explains what you can expect to achieve in the current process step.
For example: To get an understanding of the item flow in the retailer's company.

Key questions / considerations

This part lists key questions that you need to ask the retailer. It also provides information on how the answers can influence your Replenishment setup or processes.
For example: Are all purchased items sent to the warehouse first and then distributed to the stores? Are items purchased directly to stores? Which items?


This part gives you samples of how the collected information can be consolidated in lists, charts, or drawings.
When you see the Excel icon in this part you can download a sample template.

A complete set of the templates can be downloaded here.

LS Central setup considerations

This part has explanatory texts, links to the Replenishment Help, and general information on how the collected information can be used to set up LS Replenishment.

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