Mobile POS

The Mobile POS is a simplified POS terminal that has a local database on the mobile device, containing the full item master as well as all other data necessary to drive the supported retail features. The Mobile POS application can interface fully with LS Central.

The application functions in online mode only through a Real-time connection to the back-end system available either through Wi-Fi or a means provided by the cellular network (3G/4G). The application supports complex prices and discounts via a web service call to the back-end system, accessing a transaction calculation service which returns a fully calculated transaction, including tax group break-down information.

The application must be localizable for all current LS Retail markets.

To See
Create a new Mobile POS and set up Currency, PLU Menu and Functional Profile. Setting Up the Mobile POS
Use WI Stores, turn on data synchronization between the Business Central tables and the Mobile stores to activate the Mobile POS. Web Integration, Setup
Replicate data to the Mobile POS. Transferring Data Between Business Central and Mobile
Sell, suspend and retrieve sales on the Mobile POS. Selling on the Mobile POS
Look up a Loyalty Contact either by QR-code or Phone number or an Item by its Item number. Lookup on the Mobile POS
Select an item that has suggested cross-selling items. Cross-Selling Items
Set up OPOS External Printers for Mobile POS. Mobile POS Print