Table Management Integration

LS Activity is a general booking and reservation module, which can handle multiple types of reservations ranging from appointments, classes, and courses to rentals. 

Resources can be based on schedules, opening hours, or quantity settings. These features can be used to set up multiple possibilities when it comes to table reservations and they can also act as a backend for LS Hospitality dining table management.

LS Activity supports the following reservation settings:

  • Reservations based on table type (that is for 2 persons, 4 persons, or 8 persons). The user can create one resource group for tables, and then resources for each table type.  A product is then set up for each table type, which then requires a resource and automatically reserves the next available resource.
  • Reservations based on "waves", in other words the morning, lunch, and dinner seating periods, which can have quantity-based availability. Each wave would have a preset quantity (normally the number of persons involved) and have a predefined time interval (the morning wave, for example, is only available during a certain time that is defined by the interval setup).
  • Reservations of a specific resource (the resource represents a specific table number) for a fixed period.

An integration of this kind allows reservations created in LS Activity to be synchronized with table reservations in LS Hospitality. This includes client details, the number of guests, and the reservation status (Reserved, Waiting list, or Canceled).

LS Central objects

The main LS Central objects that are used by LS Activity are:

Pages LS Activity Setup 10015815 The main setups of the integration.
Codeunits LS Activity, Hospitality Table Management 10015827 Monitors and processes the synchronization.
Tables Activity Reservation
Dining Reservation Entry
Reservation details on the LS Activity side.
Reservation details in Table Management.